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The Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV) offers design services and develops person-oriented products and services covering all phases of the process and integrating users as the indispensable source of information. Paying special attention to the end-user, the IBV provides products with added values at each process phase, due to its broad R&D experience and the implementation of innovative product development tools and methodologies.

Person-oriented design services especially address those services and products with strong functional and emotional dimensions and where IBV’s know-how as technological and research centre provides a greater added value: medical devices, footwear, furniture, working tools and personal protective equipment, among others.

Services are structured as follows:

  • Analysis of future consumer and/or end user needs
  • Generation of innovative usage and purchase concepts with strong potential
  • Functional and emotional assessment of product and service design
  • Concept/prototype validation
  • Innovation testing of new design solutions
  • Usability testing
  • Emotional engineering applied to product development
  • Assessment of point-of-sale design and communications based on customer needs
  • Specific services in those areas where the IBV develops its activities


For further information on the activity of the IBV in the field of person-oriented design please access its specific website:

Person-oriented design site

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